01 September 2011

Lenovo A1 Android Slate

*One of those not so Appatic posts*

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Was the thought running in my mind on a loop during the first few seconds after i read the news:

Lenovo has just announced today that they will be releasing a Android 7" Slate with a starting price of $199.

Lenovo A1 Android Slate

I am sure this news was like an earthquake and that it sent up seismic waves all around the world to low-end and high-end hardware manufactures, effectively turning their day upside down.

Because is certainly not the same knowing that there are $199 Android Slates out there from unknown brands that you know comes with some serious compromises like cheap finishing's, cheap build, cheap internals and a very limited guarantee. And now knowing there will be a $199 Android Slate from a premium brand like Lenovo, that don't has these compromises and that comes with a way better guarantee.

But what exactly does the Lenovo A1 specs are?

- 7" (1024 x 600) capacitive screen,
- 1ghz single core ARM Cortex A8 processor,
- 8gb SSD,
- 3 megapixel back camera,
- VGA (640k or 860K) chat cam,
- SD slot
- micro SD slot
- Wi-Fi
- Microphone speaker
- Android 2.3 (gingerbread)

Which for the sake of comparison are very similar specs to the first gen Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-incher.

With the only differences being that the G.T had a GPS chip (i think) , 3G chip and came with a 16gb SSD. But then if you want to buy a brand new one today, you will be looking at paying $399 for it or no less than $299 for a semi-new or refurbished one with almost no guarantee.

Making the A1 price even more striking, but not as striking as also knowing that there will be 16gb and 32gb versions of the A1 for only $250 and $299 respectively.

How crazy those prices then seem now?

Close to irresistible, even for me that i am not an Android user or an Android fan at all. Point-in-fact as i use a HTC HD2 with WP7.

Yet i can certainly not help being in awe of such a bold move from Lenovo, eagerly waiting for this to be released by the end of September (supposedly) so i can check it out.

For now i will just entertain myself seeing what kind of stir this news from Lenovo causes in the Tech industry.




Anonymous said...

Does this tablet come with access to the Android Marketplace? Because every other cheap tablet I've seen doesn't, and that would really ruin it for me if it didn't :P

Avatar X said...


Not only it comes with Android Market support out of the box. It also comes with 10 free apps preloaded and access to Lenovo App Shop.


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