29 September 2011

Microsoft Is Now One Step Closer To Android Patent Licensing Domination


As of September 28 of 2011, Microsoft revealed they had made a patent licensing agreement with Samsung, regarding Android Patent Protection

Samsung signs Microsoft patent licensing deal to cover Android devices | ZDNet

Mary Jo Foley over at ZDnet beautifully -- as always , so read that post too-- reports on the news of what was inevitable to happen. Once the news of the last set of licensing deals with Acer and ViewSonic were revealed a few weeks ago, the writing was on the wall for Samsung, and it read:

"Paying now would be better"

And Today that has been officialized. Carrying Microsoft domination over Android Licensing just to 3 big moves from being Game Over:

1.- Motorola

Which Microsoft is suing. And in the general known impression that they had the lawsuit win in the bag to begin with. Add the licensing deal announcements so far and there is really no way Motorola can win in the end, even if they won the lawsuit in course.


Not very popular in the U.S.A, but everywhere else around the world LG is huge and their Android Smartphones are also everywhere. Samsung giving in will probably seal the deal for them. I expect a sort of announcement regarding LG any given week now. LG has also been a OK Microsoft partner in the past.


They got their cheap A1 Android 2.3 Slate in the pipeline. And i as hell doubt they are going to risk it with Microsoft. You see, when HP under Apotheker ruling severely damaged the big and long standing Microsoft-HP partnership. Lenovo and others like ASUS and Samsung raised their hand to Microsoft and asked for a Hi-Five. Microsoft agreed to that. They are now very big Microsoft partners. I also would expect a sort of announcement before or close after the launch of the Lenovo A1 regarding licensing.

There are other moves for Microsoft like ASUS and MSI. But as they are also good Microsoft partners now, but they are not as strategic as the other big blows. They could very well wait at the last minute or could have already signed under discretion.

Oh and if you think that i am missing Amazon. I don't, they signed a yet undisclosed, not-publicized agreement with Microsoft like a year ago.

In resume, stay tuned because Microsoft is continuing with their avalanche-like momentum in Android Patent Licensing. And it is not just for show and some monies.  Is for a lot of show, money and whatever it occurs to them next.


Microsoft and Samsung Broaden Smartphone Partnership


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