12 September 2011

My Snipping Tool: Windows 7 Alike Snipping Tool For Windows XP

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I got a thing for Snipping and Capture Apps. Something that should be more than demonstrated by now,  as I have previously posted on How To Install the original Microsoft Snipping Tool for XP Tablet into any other Windows XP Edition. And also have posted on two alternatives for it, if you don’t want to go all the way and do that. Well, I got yet another Snipping Tool alternative for Windows XP, well worth a look too.

My Snipping Tool screenshot

My Snipping Tool is a recreation of sorts of the Windows 7 Snipping Tool.  It don’t looks exactly the same but replicates all of the most important and basic functionality in it. It was made by Cesar Parra as a learning exploration, and then put out in CodePlex.  I downloaded it, Tried out in Windows XP and Windows 7 and I think it is pretty good.  So I decided to post about it.

Cesar Parra’s My Snipping Tool is based on the work made in Jay’s Snipping Tool. And I believe he really did improved on it. As this one acts in a more alike fashion to how the Windows 7 Snipping Tool actually works.


While it got a very basic feature set. It is good for quick snips and it makes for a better alternative to the original Microsoft Snipping Tool than both Snippy and Jay’s Snipping Tool. Pretty much the only things missing for  to be really great, would have been built-in basic editing commands for the snips and for the App to be Portable. But hey, it is free and it works great. If you are using XP, it is really worth to give it a try.


My Snipping Tool 1.0                   <—Direct Download Link




Get free 2k backlinks @ ammarweb.tk said...

Thanks. I had downloaded i am now going to use it

Anonymous said...

Nice app and works terrific. Could really use a copy feature though for pasting into email etc ...

Avatar X said...

@Anon: Yeah, a direct feature for that would had been nice.

Unknown said...

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