12 September 2011

Netflix Now Available In Mexico & Latinoamerica

Netflix logo

Today, like many others, i got the Netflix e-mail letting me know that Netflix is now available in Mexico. At a cost of $99MXN ($8USD) a month.

Netflix Mexico alert email

I have previously used USA's Netflix. So i am quite familiar with it already. But i am sure that Mexico's version will be more like Canada's version in terms of available content. Which from what i have read is not great, even if everything about it’s usage is still exactly the same as the USA version . But because of the pricing being very right for Mexico and they offering you the first month for FREE to entice you using it just like they did in the USA, There is really not much grounds to complain at all.….yet.

In my case, for really unknown reasons I will not question yet , it seems i could be getting the first two months for free. Which now makes it a no-brainer and really worthwhile for me to try it out right away!

Will be checking it out later today, hoping that if not great it still gets to be a very good experience.


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The San Miguel News said...

Does anyone know if my US subscription will be valid in Mexico, where I spend the winter. Will the content be identical?

Avatar X said...

@Carlos: El contenido no es igual. Lo de la cuenta parece que si la podras usar. pero checare mas a fondo.


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