23 September 2011

Online Warning Label Generator

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Warning Label Generator is a free, quick and easy way to generate warning labels online. Warning Labels that at first would appear are only good for amusement goals.  But that on close inspection actually does make for a good way to easily generate Warning Labels you can print in sticker paper and use for better labeling dangerous stuff around the house.  Specially,  if you got small kids.

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The reason why I say they serve for both serious and amusing goals, is that it does got all the right label formats and warning symbols that are used for producing all of the Warning Labels, you could possibly see in real life.  Be it Warning Labels in chemical products or in the top of electrical boxes, and so on and on.

In order to try it out, you only need to load up the site and follow  5 simple steps:

  • Step #1: Choose a warning label...
  • Step #2: Choose a warning symbol...
  • Step #3: Type in your warning message...
  • Step #4: Click “Generate Warning Label” Button…
  • Step#5: Save your Generated Warning Label.

And that is it. In just a minute you will have your Warning Label. You can also click the Back  Button in your browser to correct your label if you were not satisfied with the resulting label at the first try. The page does preserve what you have already selected.   Simple, but really well done online tool. The only thing I wish it would have, is that it offered different font sizes for the Warning Label message text.  Other than that, Warning Label Generator  works the way it should and does it great.

Here is an amusing one I generated to test the site.  One that could be very well used by some big blogs for when a comment thread goes out of control:

Real Size Example Warning Label



Warning Label Generator





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