20 September 2011

Pixus: A Sleek Cross-Platform Adobe AIR Based Pixel Ruler For Your Desktop

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Desktop Pixel Ruler apps are always helpful from time to time. The problem is that there are not really that many worth using on a regular basis.  Previously I had wrote about the self explanatorily titled Pixel Ruler from Mio Planet. A great little app minus the fact it is  not exactly modern looking and that it is Windows Only.

Pixus is a Cross-Platform (Win-OSX-Linux) Adobe AIR based Pixel Ruler app for your Desktop, made by Jam Zhang. With many things going for it, starting with the fact it looks good too.

Pixus screenshot


  • Measure the screen objects in pixels using both mouse and keyboard control.
  • Preview your design with skins and presets.
  • Multi-screen support.
  • Auto update.
  • Quick Guides .
  • Toggle guide color by pressing Spacebar.




But Pixus don’t just looks good, it also comes with all the basic functionality you would expect from a Pixel Ruler App. Plus advanced features like Auto-Updating, Multi-Monitor support, Design Templates and full mouse and keyboard control. All of these features can be found to be fully explained and detailed from the also very sleek App Control Panel, all within the app.  Making it is use easy to pick up right away for anyone.

The only requirements to run this app at optimal performance is to have Adobe AIR 2.5 or newer installed.  Otherwise you should be able to run it without any problem in Windows, OS X and Linux (Ubuntu or Suse). Very Recommended.


Pixus Info

Pixus                                          <—Direct Download Link


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diva42 said...

This can come in handy for measuring website layouts gonna check it out never knew there was an app for this thnx!

Avatar X said...


Glad you liked it.


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