21 September 2011

QRals: Online QR Code Generator

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QR codes are now everywhere. from purchase tickets to ads, and even at some supermarkets as an alternative to flyers with “The deals of the day”.  As they are a easy to link of to all kinds content just by pointing and shooting at them with the camera of your smartphone, your slate or even your laptop webcam.

QRals.com screenshot

QRals is a free online QR Code Generator. It can be used to deliver up to 11 kinds of content. All possible just by filling out a simple form and then just clicking a button. Making it not only really easy to generate a QR code, but also really fast. 

QRals QR Code Content Options

  • Text
  • Link
  • E-mail
  • Call
  • SMS
  • MeCard
  • BizCard
  • Paypal
  • GeoLocation
  • Wifi
  • Bookmark

Once you have filled the form for the kind of content you want to deliver with your QR Code.  Just click the “Generate” button in each case and the left side of the page will refresh with the new generated QR code. Then you will be able to take it  with you by saving its unique QR Code Link or by downloading a capture of it as a image file. The supported image formats are .PNG, .GIF and .JPG.

In my quick test of QRals, all of the QR Codes generated worked as intended. If you need or want to generate QR Codes, it is a good, easy and free tool for you to do so.






Steve said...

QR code generator on facebook (no 'like' necessary) http://www.facebook.com/pages/QR-Code-Generator/316830328346896?sk=app_194069074014937


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