23 September 2011

Samuel L. Ipsum: Placeholder Text With A Samuel L. Jackson Twist

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Placeholder Text Generators years ago were just that. Placeholder Text Generators. But now, it looks like targeting for  novelty and entertainment value is the way to go for many of these online tools. A good example of that being Lorizzle.

Samuel L. Ipsum site screenshot

Samuel L. Ipsum is a Online Placeholder Text Generator that channels Samuel L. Jackson in his very famous portrayal of Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction. 

With that meaning there will be a bit of swearing in the placeholder text you generate. but if you like the novelty idea of this placeholder text generator, but do not like the idea of it having swearing in the generated text. The site also comes with a “Lite” version, that only serves paragraphs without swearing, but that are still from Jules Winnfield. Making it possible for anyone that reads them to still hear Samuel L. Jackson voice while doing so.

But if you are still not sold on the whole idea and you just want classic Lorem Ipsum placeholder text. The site also comes with a version that just generates that kind of text too.

In resume  Samuel L. Ipsum is a neat novelty online tool on it own. Just that it delivers an extra cool if you happen to be a Samuel L. Jackson fan.  To what I wonder……Who the hell isn't?


Samuel L. Ipsum 

Samuel L. Ipsum Lite

Samuel L. Ipsum Classic Ipsum





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