07 September 2011

Timerrr: Online Countdown Timer

Timerrr.com logo


Timerrr.com describes itself as an Online Countdown Timer, which is true. But unlike other online timers,  Timerrr looks and works by virtually simulating a Kitchen Timer.


timerrr.com screenshot


In order to use timerrr, just load the site and move the dial of this virtual kitchen timer with your cursor.  Click the green start button and see it countdown the minutes and seconds, while at the same time moving back the dial to zero.




Once Timerrr reaches zero, you will hear a “Ding” sound just like you would with a real world kitchen timer.  As a notification guide, it will also start counting up to let you know how long it has been since the time you set up ran out.



Overall, Timerrr got a very nice design, comes with very clear information of why you would like to use it and it is directly visible in the body of web app site.  But what I found more impressive, because it is not something I see often, more like very rarely.  Is that it comes with a series of usage guides :

All of these guides are a great way to make their case and clear out any “What I am supposed to do with this?” reaction a user could get. I commend them for their thoughtfulness on that.

Only detail I will criticize about Timerrr is that in IE9, the sound notification does not always works. Meaning that most of the time nothing is heard when the Time runs out. That is a problem and that needs to be corrected. Other than that, it does what it must do, in the way it has been clearly designed to do it. 

Timerrr works in all the latest browsers. For XP users however, you will not be able to use IE for it, as it don’t supports IE8.




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