06 September 2011

Twitter and Bing Renew Social Search Partnership Contract

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Something i had said was a done deal for months already weeks ago.

Google let the contract with Twitter expire, and i believe that it was because Twitter wanted more money from Google than from Bing.  Something that would make all sense in the world as Google holds 60%+ of U.S.A Search Marketshare versus the 30% Bing got thanks to powering Yahoo Search too.

Many instead insisted that that had to do with Google Plus launching. But i don't think that was the sole factor, just one of the factors.

Why i was completely sure that Bing would renew the contract and also that it had to been accorded to renew months in advance?

This renewing deal is not just about Bing.

Microsoft is using Twitter too for Windows Live. And Windows Live is what powers the built in Twitter support in WP7.5 (mango) and the use it also gets across MSN sites.

On top of that, Bing is just not counting on using Twitter for their regular search, but it is also going to be using it in some fashion in Bing Mobile Search. This means not just WP7 but their Mobile Bing Site and Bing Apps in iOS, Android and BB-OS too.

Clearly making their partnership renewal all that more of a given. One thing that Google had in·advertently caused by they deciding not to renew their Twitter deal, is to have pushed a better negotiation position for Microsoft with Twitter in this contract renewal and partnership extension.

In resume the only surprising about this news is that they decided to break out the news via a Twitter Conversation.






search engine optimisation australia said...

Google lost that one to their real time search. Google's lost is Bing's gain. I use Bing's active search for sports updates or news breakthroughs.


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