30 September 2011

A World Of Windows or Things You May Have Not Known They Ran A Windows OS

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The Windows Embedded Team put out this video in their YouTube account recently and it is awesome, because i had been looking for a video like it for years.


Demostrative Video Of Windows Embedded Out In the Everyday Life

It shows examples of appliances out in the everyday life that are running Windows, but not the Full-On Desktop Windows most of you got in your PC. But instead all are running a Windows Embedded OS.

What you will see in the video behind the scenes ranges from two branches of Windows Embedded operative systems:

- The Compact Branch:

WEC7 and the previous version still called Win CE in its 6.0 R3 in several permutations as are for example:

Handheld Console
Point Of Sale
Operative Instructed Terminal

With many other being custom made out by third-party sellers. Whether they happen to be Microsoft Partners or not. As there are even some that get gutted and re-stuffed with a layer of Java software taking the reigns.

Which you can find in anything from a refrigerator to your car, and passing from things like vending machine, a price checker, a set topbox, a pass control point, etc, etc, etc.

- The Standard Branch :

Windows XP Embedded and WES 7 being the ones running the show on this branch.
And these can be found in smart HD-TV's, Terminal Manager Consoles, High-End TopBoxes, Industrial Slate PC's, MRI Console Computers, Health Care Data Modules, etc, etc.

This modality gives out a customized, tuned, tightly controlled, tightly managed and super resilient version of the regular version of the Windows OS you have in your desktop.

Now just as a final note about how spread Windows Embedded really is:

You may have heard about how Desktop Windows is officially installed in around 1.1 billion computers. If you add the pirated and no longer supported versions of windows released so far up to now, you would get well over 2 billion computers.

Well over 2 billion is also the number mobile phones still in some form of use.
Sounds like immense and unbeatable numbers don't they?

They aren't.

Windows Embedded is running in over 3 billion things out in the world. To a point where Microsoft is not the one coming up with that numbers as they only track the legal installs of these that they now around 2 billion. But if we count industrial and commercial piracy rates of Windows Embedded into question. Then you have the real number must be at least 3 billion.

How is that for World Encompassing?


World of Windows Embedded       <—This  resource site also got a interactive version of the video above.


via Next at Microsoft.





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