10 October 2011

2 Years Of Appatic

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It has now being two years since I started Appatic.com.

24 months and 386 blog posts later here we are.  Something that has been a good experience, but that got me torn between being happy of having managed to keep the blog growing month in and month out. And the fact I am mad the blog got only 386 blog posts two years in. If things had gone according to plan it would have reached around 1000 posts by now. Or at least 500 posts, keeping in tune with the 250 blog posts done in the first year. But life happens and you need to adjust.

What I am indeed happy about is that starting next year, I will not be longer having to take Blogging gigs elsewhere.  Meaning that Appatic and my other blogs will start booming. 

There were other stuff I would have liked to do to celebrate this anniversary. Like some giveaways I was going to give out. And get several guest posts in for the month. But that will not be, as I prefer to start preparing for next year mark.  Then, I will indeed be doing something special for the whole month.

Now, I am in the brink of changing Appatic to make it a stronger blog.  Changes I have detailed in another post.

But in the meantime, I thank you all, from those who visit occasionally, to those that visit everyday. 

Now it is all about working harder to make the next year of Appatic better than the past two.




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