10 October 2011

Changes On Appatic

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I have done some changes lately in the content being served here in Appatic. They are not random and they represent one of more changes to come in Appatic.  I want to lay them out here in this post:


1.- Updating the blog

The look of Appatic  has always been strikingly minimalistic, but neo-retro in a way. That is how I liked it to be. I will infusing a little bit of Metro Design into the blog, apart of giving it new features here and there.

2.-Comment System.

The only thing I really hate about Blogger is how incredibly outdated the Comment System is. And what is worse is that I cannot longer be hacked to be as good as it was possible in 2006!.

Bloggeratto of 2006 for example had things like picon support,  numbered comments, reply-to, live-preview, editing and inline photo-embedding. No, seriously. All hacked-in thanks to my then collaborator Aditya Mukherjee.  How on earth is possible that Blogger Comment System don’t has any of that in 2011?

I really don’t know.

But anyway, because of those kind of lack of features. I have decided it is time to migrate Appatic Comments to Disqus. At first I was thinking Facebook. But I really have never  liked facebook.  If Google revamps the comment system, I would then consider reverting back.

3.-Ad Square Sidebar.

Yes, There will be one.  I have now received enough offers to start it and I also want to try some stuff out with it.

4.-Facebook Widget.

I don’t like Facebook, but a huge lot do.

5.-Tech news/commentary/opinion.

Before, I didn’t really covered much tech news beyond some specific Software & Tech news. Now I will be covering Tech news more broadly.

6.-Microsoft Coverage.

In turn of change #5, you will be seeing a lot more of Microsoft News coverage too.

7.-Widget/Gadget/Embeddables Coverage

I wrote 1000 blog posts on this 3 things for Widgets Lab, from those 875 of them I published. I know the stuff. And since Widgets Labs is now really more of an Android blog. I decided to retake on that.

Also because of the news of Microsoft deactivating the Windows Live Gallery.  Which represents an opportunity to take on that niche too, now that there will be thousands upon thousands searching for these everyday.

8.-Guest Bloggers

I will be opening Appatic for guest posts. Will do another post about this to explain how that will work.

9.-Sponsored Posts

This is something I mentioned in the App Submission post. There are some App Studios interested in this, so I will be integrating that in Appatic. All will be notably disclosed as Sponsored Posts.


This changes  will help the blog grow faster and stronger.  In turn allowing me to offer you more content.


Thank you.

-Avatar X




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