12 October 2011

Lenovo A1 Android Slate Now Up For Preorder

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As much i don't really like Android. This Android 2.3 Slate from Lenovo is special:

It got good specs, good quality and great price.

You can get one with 16gb for $250. The reason that is a great price is because this Slate got almost the same specs -- minus the 3G -- from the first generation Galaxy Tab 7-incher. The very same that goes for $399 unlocked or $199 with a plan.

Lenovo A1 Android Slate

I wrote it up more in detail back when it was announced:

Lenovo A1 Android 2.3 Slate

Needless to say it is quite a deal. As this got access to the Android Market and Google Support. And you also get a one-year Lenovo guarantee.

I put this as the other option to getting a Kindle Fire. If you are not head-in on the Amazon Ecosystem. Want Android, Want it to have dual-cameras, gps, etc AND a low-price. This could be the "droid" you are are looking for.

Am really curious on seeing how well these do in this last quarter. But given that price and what they offer, they deserve to sell a million of these.


Lenovo - IdeaPad A1 tablet              <—Pre-Order Link At Lenovo’s Site





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