13 October 2011

Lenovo Knocks Down Dell And Becomes Number 2 In PC Sales

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+Joe Wilcox over at Betanews got a nicely detailed post on the last numbers of the IDC and Gartner. That show how Lenovo sales have gone up fast. Effectively taking the second spot in the PC sales ladder passing over Dell

Apple and Lenovo make shocking Q3 PC sales gains

Lenovo has come a long way in the past 3 years. From my own experience while visiting multiple Government Offices here in Mexico and from gossip from some people here i know third hand, that do all their business by providing networking services to Government Offices. It looks like they are specifically attacking DELL by going more aggressive in capturing Government PC buying contracts. Contracts usually won before by DELL. And it is not only here in Mexico, but also in South America.

Before i would see DELL everywhere in any Government Payment/Registration/Procedures Office. Now i see Lenovo everywhere. And this is not a sample of 3 or 4 places i have seen, but like 30 different ones in the past 3 years. I just cannot help myself and always look over any room and see what PC brand they have got anywhere i go. Even if am only passing by and do not enter the place.

But in Banks and Businesses receptions and modules i do still see mostly DELL or HP.

Second to Lenovo creeping in everywhere, i also have seen more Acer again.

Bringing me to the question:

What has been your experience on that regard in the last year? If you do have noted let me know. Am really curious about that.





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