31 October 2011

Nokia: The Amazing Everyday With Windows Phone

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The campaign of Nokia for Windows Phone is called “The Amazing Everyday” and it all starts with the Lumia Series. As simple the Ad looks at first, it think it is quite great for the the 25 as the mid target, with a total target audience spectrum that could very well go down to 15 and up to 35.

Nokia First Ad To Promote Their Windows Phone 7.5 Lumia Series Devices

Personally i like the Ad, and it very clear that it is a fusion of both usual Nokia Advertising Style with the up-to-now Advertising style for the WP7. A little detail that truly shows how in sync the Microsoft-Nokia partnership is..

But what is it even more interesting is the strategy from the first  Nokia Windows Phone offerings.

The first phase is all about the Nokia Lumia Series. Up to now, we have already seen 2 of them:

Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia 710

Nokia Lumia 800


That unfortunately neither of the two devices will be seen anywhere in North America (CAN-USA-MEX) until 2012. But those in the following countries can expect to be able to buy one for  an equivalent of €250 for the Lumia 710 and €420 for the Lumia 800 before the 2011 ends:

U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore & Taiwan

What Could Come Next For The Nokia Lumia Series?.

Well, thanks to some nice rumors (or first hand speculation?) coming directly to me from a friend who has a quite talkative cousin, who in turn happens to work at Nokia Mexico. I got some nice rumors to share and dish with all of you about that.  So, beyond this point consider yourself warned that everything is based on rumors ok?

How about a third Lumia to follow and be announced/shown in either CES2012 or in the MWC? Device that could or not be based on the very first Nokia Mockup pics and that will do come with a front-camera.

Could that be a Nokia Lumia 900 or a 800-something? No clue.

Apart from that, this guy said that Nokia was going to do a 4 or 5 wave roll-out for the Lumia Series and that it would take anywhere from 6 to 9 months for them roll-out in a minimum of 30 different countries. And that apart from the device specific Ads that there will be from Nokia, They would be producing a series of "The Amazing Everyday" ads for their overall campaign. The first one being the one you can watch in this very post.

And finally, That Nokia would be going with an aggressive pricing for the Lumia for the USA market. Part that apparently pissed him off as Mexico would not enjoy of any special treatment or price other than the one it already gets, even considering it is one of the Top 10 Countries for Nokia. Not that i am surprised by that part at all, if true, i also expect to be pissed about it. But even then, he said he expected that the Nokia Lumia 710 would/could be going for "FREE" with a 2 year contract or $3500 MXN ( $260 USD) without contract and the Lumia 800 for $2500 MXN ($190 USD) with a 2 year contract and $8000 MXN ($620 USD) without contract.

While we are still months away from knowing how accurate the rumors and info of this accidental source get to be. I must say that everything said makes perfect sense to me.

Reason why i decided to run with it here. Hope some of you also find all of this info as interesting as i found it. And yeah, that is all.





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