13 October 2011

On IE9 New Ad Campaign


I think it is a very good thing Microsoft is now doing ads for IE9. Also good they are even deciding to respond to Chrome Browser Ads. It may not be obvious how. But this new Ad campaign was made as a counter message to Chrome Marketing.


So far i have seen the ads appear here in Appatic and in Hulu. But some say they are also running on cable in the U.S.A.

And just before you say : "Chrome is better in all the way".

I can tell you it may be better in some ways like having a really good extension platform and avant-garde support to edge parts of Web Stack tech.

But other than that. IE9 in W7 is as fast, is more secure (as proven by 3 different tests so far) and just as responsive thanks to having Full-Hardware acceleration.

It is about preference and the only right answer is that both of them are great if you are using Windows 7, just different. Can we agree on that without starting a war?

No? Oh ok. At least i tried.

What do strikes me as odd on the latest browser wars is how Mozilla is on a Brand Auto-Destructive mode with all their strange strategy changes and trying to copy Chrome strategy when they shouldn’t and at the same time piss off developers, businesses IT and the enterprise IT. They are the ones that should come with an Ad Campaign themselves. Even if only for Online Ad Displays, YouTube and Hulu. They really need it, as all indicates Firefox is wounded. And Chrome and IE9 are chipping away at it. I think they were very lucky that Microsoft had not made a version of IE9  for Windows XP.





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