12 October 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate: Up For Pre-Order At The Microsoft Store

 Microsoft Store Logo

No need to say more that what my title describes. but if you want to know why the Samsung Series 7 Slate is awesome. you can check out this post i did on it.:

On Samsung Series 7 Slate


What i do want to say is how i wish Microsoft shipped to Mexico City, just like that.

Because in any other way i will end up having to pay overhead. Anywhere from $50 if i get someone to send it to me. To $150. Plus the always flip-of-a-coin chance i have to pay %17 in taxes of the declared price on it..  :(

For that reason, i am also forced to wait for either late November or January to import anything that happens to be for me to keep.  :(

But, for those reading this that live in the U.S.A, you should check it out. Remember this thing is also future proof and it will work with W8. Also buying from the MSFT store gives you a clean and well configured W7 install, plus a better guarantee. No, no one paid me to say that, if only  :P


Microsoft Store Online - Samsung Series 7 Slate





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