11 October 2011

Should I Change My Password: Know If Your Email Has Been Compromised

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What do Sony, Gawker, Fox and MySpace have in common?

No, not that you just thought. But that all of them have been hacked and had an e-mail database downloaded from them and put online somewhere. With passwords and all.  Making anyone with a an account with them possible compromised. Something that could result with info or money getting stolen. And if you happen to had an account there, you could potentially be in trouble.

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Should I Change My Password is an online e-mail checker, where you do input your e-mail address, and the site checks it against databases of E-mails that have been compromised by hackers.

All  it takes is filling a field form and clicking a button for your to know the answer to the question this site uses as a name.

As of this post, the site currently check an Email against 23 databases. If you want to check out what databases are those, you can check out the sources for this online app.

If you got some questions or you are wary about the site.  Also check out their F.A.Q to get some direct answers on that.


Should I Change My Password

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