25 October 2011

Vizio Tab 8: Android 2.3 Slate

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It is not amusing how the very best affordable Android Slates hardware-feature-price ratio wise are those that deviate the most from the usual Android OS or add a model specific OS Layer to it? Personally, i certainly think so.

You now got on this very particular category of Android Slate various good proponents:

1.-Lenovo A1  
2.-Kindle Fire
3.-Kobo Touch

With the still to come next version of the Nook Color to also join this category. All of them with prices ranging from $199 to $299 depending the configuration. Which is quite amazing i must say given how good these cheap slates are getting.

But the one that has not received enough attention is the Vizio Tab 8. Vizio's own modded Android 2.3 Slate.

Vizio Tab 8 - Vtab8

It originally was released for $329 i think. And now it is going for just $269 if you buy it at Amazon or if you buy it directly from Vizio site. And for that these are some of the specs you get:

• 8" high resolution 1024 x 768 touch screen
• VIZIO Internet Apps Plus™
• 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth®
• Front facing camera
• HDMI® video output - play video and music on your TV
• Multiple speakers for premium audio in portrait and landscape
• Built-in IR blaster with universal remote control app

1ghz CPU
• 512Mb RAM
• 4GB SSD( 2GB usable storage)
• Up to 32GB via MicroSD
• Micro USB

The key unique features in the Vizio Tab 8 being that it comes with a Built-in IR Blaster and Universal Remote Control app. Meaning that you can control ANY TV made in the last 5 years or more. Something that is actually a very great feature. That may not seem as much, but getting a touch-screen universal remote control for your Home usually cost anywhere from $50 to $99 USD. Without even mentioning that some boutique brand universal touch-screen remotes going for more than what this slate costs!

Other great features are that it does comes with both HDMI out and Micro-USB. And that mean that if you install some controller apps. You can even turn the Vizio Tab 8 into a cheap game console or media center if you want.

But that is not all. It also got full Android Market access and support for Hulu Plus and Netflix. With Hulu Plus offering a FREE 90 days trail for the rest of the year!.

Finally, if you like the iPad form factor. but wish it was smaller, this 8-incher got the very same form factor and frame style of the iPad.

How it is the new $269 USD price looking now uh?

And for all that, i think the vizio tab 8 only real competition is the Lenovo A1. Making these two the very best cheap Android Slates with good hardware quality that are not tied to walled garden like it is in the case of the
Kindle Fire or as it will probably be with the next gen Nook Color.

Never thought i would start warming up to the idea of Android Slates. But at these prices and for these kind of usage. I am really starting to dig it. And with the promise of how these will be able to get a life extension via Ice Cream Sandwich, I may end up buying either this one or the
Lenovo A1. And if you want a cheap slate you don't have to worry about your kids using and abusing or to gift to neophyte users. This one, plus a good rubber case and you are all set


Vizio Tab 8 – vtab1008

Vizio  Tab 8 at Amazon





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