24 October 2011

Windows Command Bar Tweaker: Hide The Command Bar In Windows Explorer

Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker

Windows 7 Command Bar Tweaker is a free portable (standalone exe) app you can use to Auto-Hide or Permanently Hide the Command Bar in Windows Explorer.  Either in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Because I have read some just don’t like the Windows Explorer Command Bar that was introduced in Vista or wish that it would Auto-Hide or Auto-Show as you may want to see it, only when used/hovered by the cursor.


This little (75kb!) portable app can do either one of those things with the click of a button. And you can also restore to default behavior also with a single click. Now you only need to download it,  unrar it, save it somewhere (Like your documents or downloads folder so you don’t misplace it) and then use it. 4 steps that should not take you more than 1 minute after reading this post.


Windows Command Bar Tweaker            <—Direct Download Link





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