19 October 2011


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If someone went out to the street asking what is what  they think is the most important thing in a browser. The first two answers would be  Rendering Speed and Responsiveness, just not with those exact words. The third answer is a maybe and it could well be security.  Yet, security is so equally important as Rendering Speed and Responsiveness, that they should all be tied up as a number 1.

YourBrowserMatter.org site screenshot

YourBrowserMatters is a interactive site made by Microsoft to encourage users to upgrade their out of date browsers.  Microsoft estimates that as of September of 2011, there could be up to 340 million PC with a out of date browser. Something that put these PC’s at risk of getting infected. Or that because of that they may already be infected.

In the case of Windows 7 and yes, the much mistakenly maligned Windows Vista. The Operative Systems are secure enough by default if kept up to date, specially if they happen to be 64 bits. And if they got their UAC enabled and Microsoft Security Essentials installed, they are then very well secured. But all of that  could go to waste if they are using a out of date browser.  As the browser is the main point of entry for malware and spyware infections now. And it has been so for the last 7 years I would say.

YourBrowserMatter site comes with good and well explained information on Browser security and it also will score your browser, just by visiting the site, letting you know where it stands in terms of security. And yes, the point of view is from the Microsoft side of things.  And yes IE9 is indeed the browser with the best score in security. So yes, Microsoft is also using the site to cross-promote IE9. But it is also true that IE9 has been found the most secure by the last 3 browser security tests widely reported. With two of them not being Microsoft sponsored. Making it so, that regardless what it is said elsewhere, when it comes to Browsers in Windows. Internet Explorer 9 is the most secure browser. All thanks to how it integrates with the OS and because of its SmartScreen system.  Of course that  the degree of Security will vary from your OS being 32 or 64 bit based and you having your OS and plugins up to date. Something that is true with ANY browser.  In anyway, it is worth a visit.

And  the final message from the site should be that even if you use Chrome, Iron or Firefox as your main browser, be sure to have it up to date and have Internet Explorer up to date as well. Microsoft will obviously not articulate it that way, but that is what I am telling you the site is also about.







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