05 November 2011

VMware Supremacy To End In 2012

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Is what I respond to Ars Technica article asking the following question:

Is VMware's dominance of the virtualization market under threat?

After they observed the following info:

“A new survey seems to show that VMware’s iron grip on the enterprise virtualization market is loosening, with 38% of businesses planning to switch vendors within the next year due to licensing models changes”

As I  think it is very possible that by the end of 2012, vmware could pass from having 65% of the paid Virtualization market it is said it has right now to 50% or less.

I put Microsoft for 25% by then thanks the how incredible Windows 8 Server is positioning to be and ho big the updates to Hyper-V, App-V and Med-V are also lining up to be, Citrix for 20% thanks to their new repositioning to grab a slice of the cloud market after buying cloud.com and their clear change of attitude the past few months and 5% going to Red Hat and other smaller players.

The good news for vmware is that since the Virtualization market is probably going to still grow twice as big in the same time as it extends to mobile devices. They still get to keep growing and dominate as the market leader. Just that they will be losing their previous undisputed supremacy. Given I remember a survey from early 2009 that had them at 90% of the paid virtualization market.





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