23 December 2011

100 HD Bing Desktop Backgrounds For Windows

Bing Logo

Or  you could also call them 100 HD Bing Photo Wallpapers.  In any way, that is what I bring you in a single file download, thanks to the amazing Bing Dynamic Theme For Windows 7.

Just that now you can enjoy them anywhere and on your own terms, No matter if you are running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.  And these Bing HD Photo Backgrounds are TRULY HD, as they come in a 1920x1200 pixels resolution.  So they will look amazing in almost any screen you put them.  Anywhere from a 10-incher netbook to a 73 inches HDTV.

Just a small sample of the great Bing photo backgrounds you can find in this file

100 HD Bing Photo  Wallpapers/Backgrounds that should be enough to keep you amused for many months.

Just Download, Unzip and Enjoy.


100 HD Bing Desktop Backgrounds For Windows        <—Download Page Link





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