05 December 2011

A Fair Look At Siri VS TellMe



There was a video going around a week or so ago, that had Siri versus TellMe and performed a test CLEARLY tailored for Siri, leaving TellMe in a very bad light. Many blogs ran with it without doing their own test or looking for a second opinion. Nothing that rare these days on the blogosphere unfortunately.

But i think this video test performed by a Hungarian developer shows how they both perform very well. just that they work quite differently.

Something that to be even fairer, could also be said about Android. As +Joe Wilcox
found out performing a test with Android.

Now, returning to the Siri vs TellMe test and comparison done in this video. You can see that the only things missing in TellMe really comes down to two main things if you know how both tech implementations work. Both coming to WP 7.5 in Tango 1 or Tango 2 for that matter. And that in the case of Android Voice Actions is also what needs to be added in order to match Siri.

1.-Natural Language coming first instead of short/fast commands+keywords sentences

2.-Personalized experience in engaging with what so far i have read described by some as Bing Voice Logic. The same you can now use in Xbox 360 with the Kinect

Other than that, they are both very good. Hopefully this video can lead to a more objective perspective on Voice Assisted Actions in the Top 3 Smartphone OSes.





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