06 December 2011

Microsoft Makes 7Digital A Strategic Partner For Windows Phone 7

7digital logo


As Windows Phone 7 gets to be pushed more broadly around the world. One of the things i had wondered about, was what Microsoft would do to fill-in the gaps for countries where Zune is not available at all.

Now, that answers comes in as 7digital. The music store available in 34 countries that is always happy to partner with everybody/anybody and that has served as a stopgap partner for many. Including at one point and for quite awhile handling MP3 track purchases for Spotify before they were able to sell MP3's on their own.

If 7digital is still not that familiar to you. It is also the same Music Store that Canonical partnered with for the Ubuntu Music Store.

Must say that i didn't see this one coming. But does makes perfect sense as 7Digitial is the only Big Music Store left not competing directly in anyway with Microsoft.


7digital music store app headed to Windows Phone in January, North American expansion planned





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