01 December 2011

Office Suite For iOS Will Be Like Office Starter, It Will Emulate iWork And Will Cost The Same? [Rumor]

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If you have been paying attention to the rumors i push. You should have already noted what a good track record i got and how they are always enticing rumors. Otherwise i would not dare to run them. And yes most are about Microsoft or Microsoft related because that is where i got my lurking mind in the right places.

The latest one has to do with
the news of Microsoft planning a unconfirmed Office for iPad.

Now i can tell you that it appears – from what the rumor mill pours – that it will be called Office For iOS. And it will emulate iWork. Will cost the same and will also be 3 apps. Only detail missing? If it is going to be Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Or if it will be counted as Word, Excel and OneNote. Also unclear is why if it will be like Office Starter it will cost money. Unless that means it will not be carrying ads.

Office For iOS is planned for the first half of 2012. Beyond what i tell you here. Not much known if it will come with SkyDrive or Office 365 integration. However, pushing both along cross-promoting other apps like Skype and Windows Live Messenger could be the reason why Microsoft is willing to be releasing a Office Suite for iOS.  And if they do release one. One would then need to wonder if a Office for Android could be following later....

But there you go. Nice and juicy rumor right there.





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