07 December 2011

Questions And Answers About Windows 8 App Store, Now Known As Windows Store



Along with the news of Windows 8 App Store, there seems to be a lot confusion about two things regarding Windows 8 App Store. And i want to give it a shot and clear some things. Even with the risk of just generating more questions:

1.-Do Desktop Apps can be in the Windows Store?

YES, they will be able to be in the Windows Store as listings if they meet the requirements for being added. But will not be hosted and installed via the Windows Store installer, instead they will link out to an external app page or may include a download link with the file address of the app. But i would imagine that in order for that to happen, There will be a disclaimer about how you are not installing it from Microsoft.

1.1- Wait, wait. But i thought that desktop apps would also be hosted and installed via the Windows Store installer?

Yes, No or Maybe. One of the still yet to be officially cleared out scenarios by Microsoft. Is the fact that they have not given a way for apps  -- that i know of – to be dual-mode like in the case of IE10 and other Microsoft apps will be. Because in Windows 8, Apps cannot only cooperate with the OS or with other apps. They can also exist in two different versions. The Metro UI-UX version and The Desktop Mode UI-UX version.

Now we just need Microsoft to talk more about this scenario. But even if they were for some reason not to be hosted. They would still be able to be listed. Just that the installation of the app would be more like now. Nothing wrong with that.

2.-If i develop a Metro App that Microsoft refuses to certify, does this means that my app will not be able to be installed in Windows 8?

No, as in Yes, your app will be able to be installed in Windows 8. Just that you will have to manage your own in-app updates. And you will have do a modification so that your App can launch right directly from the Metro Ui-UX, instead of The Desktop Mode. In short, there will be some compromises needed from you as the developer. But the user will barely notice or care if you do things right.


Now, there are of course other questions like if having a Windows 8 App Store then will spin off other non-Microsoft apps for non-allowed apps. In a way that makes these app work and be installed as if they were downloaded from the Windows Store.

The answer is YES to that, not only there will be. There is one already in the works and you can bet that Windows App Download Sites from Today and Yesterday will also be looking for ways to replicate how the Windows Store will work.

There are a lot of cool hacks already in development for Windows 8. One of my favorite ones so far is one that forces plugins and runtimes to work in Metro IE10 or another that want to make it possible for you to force the Metro UI-UX into and App Window a la Media Center that can then be controlled from The Desktop Mode.

My point is that there is no need to be scared to change if you are a Windows App Developer. Things are barely getting started and there are still lots of scenarios yet to open up. Just make sure you get your Apps or a version of your Apps in the Windows Store to maximize your chance to make money while delivering good apps. And then just remember that the Windows Store does not negate you the right to have other Apps that can work and be used in the way Apps in Windows 7 are used right now.





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