01 December 2011

Up To This Point Desktop Mode Is Still In For Windows 8 ARM Version

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Mary Jo Foley got ahold of a rumor going around that Paul Thurrott in turn pushed into the public that ended up converting into this post:

Microsoft to drop Desktop App from Windows 8 ARM tablets- ZDNet 

To what I say:

Not from what i have read up and know up to this point. What Microsoft dropped was the idea of shipping a virtualization layer to run x86 apps on Windows 8 ARM. But up to now, i have not seen that the plans for supporting Desktop Mode have changed.

Lots of people, Microsoft Partners and an army of .NET develops included will be very pissed off if Microsoft drops Desktop Mode in ARM. More so since Microsoft has already publicly stated they would support it. And i have in good authority that some big Microsoft Partners have already received some top secret documentation about Windows 8 Desktop Mode in ARM with some details about it. Since Windows 8 Desktop Mode apps are dependent on being ported if they are not .NET apps.

For that reason i think that Paul Thurrott source is wrong. Fortunately there is very good chance that is indeed the case. So, lets see.

If that were not to be the case. then I would be really surprised and frankly vastly disappointed.





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