14 December 2011

Why Is Microsoft Now Finally Being More Aggressive Pushing SkyDrive?

SkyDrive Live Tile

IF what the very solid rumor i got ahold to is to be true. SkyDrive's new more aggressive stance is a response not to iCloud. But to DropBox surge in 2011 and they releasing their API a month or so ago. With things like iCloud and CloudApp being more of secondary reasons. Yet regardless of the why. The fact is that Microsoft has started responding loudly.

I always said that the reasons why Microsoft didn't pushed SkyDrive hard before was because of the state of competition not being worth it, against the cost and complexity of running SkyDrive. People just don't have a clue how incredibly costly and complex is to run a service like SkyDrive at the scale and reach Microsoft has ran it since 2007 alone. In perspective, running SkyDrive is as costly and complex as let's say something like Xbox Live. Just that is it don't appears to be so.

But cost and complexity are the reasons why a Google Cloud Drive – or whatever it gets to be called in the end – has still to come out and is only presumably to be released in the next I/O conference.

Once the state of competition reached a point where Microsoft has validated the need for they to respond as it is now. Microsoft now has given the green light to start reacting. And from the already dozens of moves and bets Microsoft is making now that they no longer have to hold back. You can expect a very aggressive Microsoft in 2012. That is already very clear to me.

In the end it is also great that SkyDrive is now being used as a Power Play by Microsoft. It has been the best cloud storage service overall since it was released.

But with the new updates, the new API and apps. Now Microsoft is finally aiming to make it the very best BY FAR. DropBox free run in the space is now officially over.




Anonymous said...

Problem is there's a cost in being perceived as a laggard.

Avatar X said...

@Anonymous True, an image cost. Never stated differently.


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