02 December 2011

Windows Music Voice Controller That Can Work From A WP7.5 Device


Keyboardp is a developer that 3 days ago released a video on YouTube on a .NET based project of his, where he shows how he can control Zune Software or A Browser in order to play a music track or a music video via voice. Saying and showing how it can work with any microphone. Be it a WebCam Mic or even a Kinect Camera connected to the PC. But as cool as that is. Such actions are not new in Windows. As it is something you can tune the PC to do if you care to put up time in it. This being then possible for years.

But Keyboardp many breakthroughs come from the facts of how fast his implementation works, that it is a instant setup thanks to his app and that he can even use an App in his WP7.5 device -- In this case a Lumia 800 -- preemptively called PhoneZune to do it from anywhere in the house.

If you think that is a very cool show, but you are left enviously wondering "what is it for me?", then you will be happy to know -- if got a WP7.5 device of course -- that he is planning on releasing the code and the app so anyone can do the same. How cool is that?

On top of that, Windows Phone Developers Manager top guy Brandon Watson has already contacted KeyboardP about doing a Dev Tutorial about the app.







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