18 January 2012

Dave Cutler Has Been Working On The Development Of The Next Xbox


Mary Jo Foley, over at ZDNET has recently got confirmation from Microsoft that Dave Cutler, the father of Windows NT and one of the fathers of Windows Azure has been working on the next version of the Xbox.


Xbox One OS had a NT base. I remember reading that it was supposedly made out of a gutted and then customized version of Windows NT 4.0 or NT 6.0 stuffed with DirectX tech.

Xbox 360 OS in turn was also of NT base. Said to be made out of a gutted and customized Windows 2000. Also stuffed with DirectX tech.

Xbox Next / 720 / ? OS in turn could then be made out of Windows Server 2008 R2 or as some rumors had stated, from Windows 8? 

If Microsoft is officially putting Dave Cutler as working on Xbox Next, then it is because things have got real and serious. Very promising all around.





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