06 January 2012

Grooveshark Now Will Have To Cage Battle Against All Four Music Sharks

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The New York Times Reported Yesterday January 5, that popular Music Streaming startup Grooveshark is now being sued by all 4 of the top record labels. 

New Lawsuit Means All Major Labels Are Suing Grooveshark

This is what i was talking about three weeks ago when the news broke that Grooveshark was getting sued by the Top 3 Recording Labels:

And like i said, it is possible that Grooveshark don't gets to see the end of 2012. Depending of how quick the lawsuits proceed. Very unfortunate, however Grooveshark luck had already completely ran out in 2011 in the Music Streaming space. With a Spotify growing non-stop, Rhapsody acquiring Napster to retain the top spot in the USA, MOG and Rdio announcing they would now use a freemium model similar to Spotify.  Grooveshark getting kicked out of the top 3 mobile platforms official App Stores.  And Deezer announcing they would go Global in 2012.

Add the lawsuits into this mix of competition and setbacks and you will get why I am indeed thinking 2012 could be the end of the line for Grooveshark. Better enjoy while it last, am now trying to use it on a daily basis since I have not renewed by Zune Pass.





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