05 January 2012

HBO Won’t Be Directly Selling Their DVD’s To Netflix Anymore

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CNET has reported that HBO will no longer dealing directly with Netflix for the selling of the content programming in DVD format. Netflix will now be forced to buy the DVD’s with HBO content programming form a intermediary or unrelated third party.

HBO forces Netflix to go elsewhere for its DVDs

Hah, this is clearly a HBO being mad at Netflix entering the original content programming business, the same one where Netflix will be soon debuting their first originally produced and exclusive series this February. Not much of a big deal, as it is only about a 10 to 15% increase in cost for Netflix at most on whatever they were paying for HBO DVD’s before.

The problem will of course come when they have to buy rights for the streaming of HBO content. Netflix only ace is that because of how HBO works, they cannot be denied the right to buy the streaming rights to HBO content. As that would be anti-competitive behavior.  Unless that no longer is frown upon anymore…

What HBO can and probably will do is to take whatever delay time window they can and throw it to Netflix. If they have not done it already. Have not renewed for Netflix U.S.A, so i would not know. Am now only on Netflix Mexico, thanks to me getting 3 months free of the service.

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