04 January 2012

Research In Motion Giving The Playbook One Last Deep Promo Discount Campaign Before Next Month Software Updates And Official Price Discounts

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Meaning that right now you will be able to get all The Paybook Models at the same price:

16GB for $299.00 from the original launch price of $499
32GB for $299.00 from the original launch price of $599
64GB for $299.00 from the original launch price of $699


Considering it is a promo discount to create headlines. The quantities for the 64gb and 32gb version of The Playbook must be of limited supply. Anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 units based on the amounts they had available for the X-MAS and Employee discount promotions. On the other hand i doubt there is any limitations in supply for the 16gb version. As $299 will be or is meant to be the new official price. With the 32gb and 64gb getting a price cut past this promotion. To be left at $399 and $499 respectively. Or that is what someone working for RIM, here in Mexico told me. 

On what exactly the update for The Playbook will bring can be put as 3 main things in order of importance:

1.- Missing Basic Native Apps
2.- Android App Player beta release access.
3.- Performance And Stability updates. 

Finally making The Playbook a round-up Slate. Additionally, the guy that told me about the price cuts to the 32gb and 64gb versions, also let me know that RIM may also finally be able to push the missing accessories too. 

In summation: RIM will be able to offer The Playbook and The Playbook will finally reach, the way and the state it should had been offered back when it launched.

While i still must mark what i post here as rumor, it would be shocking the info got to be wrong considering the source i got it from. As that would just not make any sense, if RIM does indeed want start selling The Playbook well.


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