11 January 2012

Smoked By Windows Phone Challenge


It is a CES 2012 challenge from Microsoft, where Ben The PC Guy competes against someone else using a competing smartphone in completing the same task. Searching for a 4 star restaurant, posting a pic to twitter or Facebook, getting the weather of two locations, etc. If the competing smartphone wins, they get $100 and a "defeat face" photo with Ben. If the competing smartphone loses, they have to say their name, their phone and the phrase: "Got Smoked By A Windows Phone" at the end. They also have to take a picture with a sign saying the generic version of the same thing. 

In the cases where the challenger admits defeat or gets defeated very badly. Ben usually issued a free upgrade to Windows Phone by giving them a Windows Phone Device.

Up to now Windows Phone 7.5 has won 30 challenges and lost 3. Apparently all the losses where against iPhone 4S by a hair. In none of the challenges Ben used a Lumia 800 or a 900, probably because those are not phones yet available and that would had not been considered fair-fair. Or at least that was the case from all the videos i saw. Windows Phone still did beat out 6 or more iPhone 4S and around the same amount of Galaxy Nexus devices. 


My opinion is that this was a great promotional move by Ben and Microsoft. They should make them into a cable TV and Hulu ad. 


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