16 January 2012

Tizen OS

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According to a report from Forbes, Samsung is going to merge their Bada OS efforts with Intel’s Tizen OS.


There was never an OS born out of such a convoluted history from so many power players in technology, with such a high accumulated development cost and with such limited/poor results:

Tizen is now going to be a third try at a Mobile OS by Intel. 

Tizen is a OS spun off from a merger of MeeGo that was a Intel-Nokia project and LiMo that was a Linux Foundation project. MeeGo in turn was an OS spun off from a merger of Nokia's Maemo OS and Intel Moblin OS. 

Tizen is now adding into the mix Bada OS from Samsung. Making it a future spun off Mobile OS -- that is going to try to be a Top Grade OS for Smartphones, with the chance of extending to Slates and Smart TV's -- out of a merger of MeeGo, LiMo and Bada OS. 

If with such amount of OS tech and it having that kind of backup it don't manages to grab a firm fifth place in the Mobile OS ladder by 2014, it should then be just killed off. But Tizen better watches out as they could do lose their last grasp of a good result if the upcoming Ubuntu Mobile ends up as the fifth placed Mobile OS.


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