09 January 2012

Ubuntu TV

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Canonical just announced and showed Ubuntu TV at CES12 Today

First Official Demo Video Of Ubuntu TV

While there are many Media Center Apps around as TopBoxes or for PC's like:

WMC, Mediaroom, Zune Software, Zune for Xbox, Xbox TV, XBMC, Boxee, Ruku, Vudu, Plex and Moovida.

Ubuntu TV is more of a Google TV alternative. 

As it is a proper TV OS. It can do apps, got a media center experience, it is smart connected, cloud enabled and it got a browser. So, while there a lot of competition out there for Media Center styled apps and Smart TV ecosystems, there is really not as much competition when it comes TV OSes, Google got one and Ubuntu now has one. 

Both Microsoft and Apple have yet to respond to this specific model. Microsoft will respond in a way thanks to Windows 8, even if it already got tons of Media Center And TopBox software spread around. Apple got Apple TV, the one that just need to be officialized as one in whatever form Apple ends up deciding. But that some hackers have already shown how it can do be a TV OS. 

Ubuntu TV seems like a good and worthy thing to try from Canonical to diversify. Does it will find support, and will it be as good as Google TV? Who knows. The good news is that it cannot be worse or more limited than Google TV either. And because of its relative obscurity and at the same time openness. Ubuntu TV users may find themselves been able to find and watch free content easier than with a Google TV.

What is i do find very amusing, is how the Ubuntu Unity UI-UX seems a lot more fitted for TV usage than desktop usage...


Ubuntu TV


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