09 January 2012

Vizio Goes All In For PC and Slate Market

Vizio Logo Grayscale

Vizio announced at CES 2012 that the would be entering in the PC market. The announcement was also followed with a fully stocked show floor with demo units of their new offerings.

Vizio All-in-one PC

Like i said when the news broke. Vizio entering the PC biz is very big news. The All-In-Ones and The Laptops look enticing and if the price is right, as it usually is when it comes to Vizio. Then you have a head-turner. 

At the Vizio CES 2012 page, you can now really see how wide they are aiming to expand in what are completely new markets for them.

One neat -- even if minor -- bit about the Vizio all-in-one PC monitor is how you can use it to connect directly your Xbox 360, Slate or even your Smartphone and use it as if it were a small HDTV. Simple, yet a nice touch to show and point out that fact. 

Vizio also decided to reveal a new 10-incher Slate. Adding that to the 8-incher Slate they got and they are now going head-on in competition for the slate space too. 

All this for a first gen and first release showing. Nothing short of a great way to start. 

Price, Details and Availability to be revealed by early March. 


Vizio CES 2012 page





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