05 January 2012

Xbox Live and Xbox 360 Interactivity Is What Is Also Going To Be Available In iOS and Android

Xbox Live logo            android logo black & white             iOS logo

A few bloggers at some of my favorite blogs have been getting ahead of themselves by over-reading into Microsoft Job postings.  Including Kip Kniskern over at LiveSide.net.


Xbox Live is coming to Android as the My Xbox Live app that came to iOS. Later on both apps will be deprecated in favor of the Xbox Companion App right now exclusive to Windows Phone. Windows Phone will then get other exclusive features. In short Windows Phone will always have exclusive Xbox Live related features for close a whole year. Apart from having exclusive Xbox Live Gaming. A few Xbox Live games will do come to iOS and Android like Kinectimals as promo game apps.

Or at least that is what i so far know as a go. In specific to Xbox.  You know, rumor, unconfirmed news, etc.





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