02 February 2012

Hulu CEO On Fighting The Rock While Keeping Distance From A Hard Place

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At the Dive Into Media conference, Hulu Ceo, Jason Kilar gave and interview were the most echoed soundbyte was he saying that focusing only on the end user is a cop out.

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar: focusing only on the end user is a 'cop out'  via The Verge


It is important to know that many times when you read an interview from a Executive or CEO. What it is not been said or the way something is said are the real answers and insight that should be taken from the interviewee. This interview to Hulu CEO Jason Kilar on the Dive Into Media conference is a great example. As what he pretty much really said was: 

"We cannot serve the user the way other streaming video startups would or how some people think we should, because we can only live and act as we go. Hulu is not fully geared as New Media because it is tied to the big players in Old Media. But my job is to try to balance out that conflict and i am trying. I like to think i am doing very good"

That is what Jason Kilar would have loved to be able to say but cannot say openly. Yet it is what the interview message really is. 

And i believe in Kilar because 2011 was incredible for being a Hulu User. The amount of content that was added on Hulu Free alone was great and on Hulu Plus, it could be said it was excellent. People just don't gives out Jason or Hulu the credit both deserves. One as a CEO and one as a company. Not for nothing Yahoo tried to poach him for the CEO role.

Unfortunately for him, he stumbled and provided a soundbite and quote too juciy for blogs to resist. One that makes him to be perceived wrong when reported based on just that bit of the interview. His media training just failed him there.


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