28 February 2012

Nokia Lumia 610

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The fourth Nokia Lumia device sporting Windows Phone 7.5 was announced during Nokia's Keynote at MWC 2012. And it is the very first budget low-end Smartphone from Nokia with WP 7.5 Tango 2. 

Tango 2 allows for WP 7.5 to be available in low-end smartphones and brings a wider support for languages and localization. With the first one of its kind announced being the ZTE Tania. 

Nokia Lumia 600 will be able to access 95% of Apps currently available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. So fragmentation will be minimal. 

WP 7.5 Tango 2 restrictions come in removing the most intensive background built-in apps from the OS. Like Bing Local Scout and disabling other features by default for the user to activate and opt-in, like instant sharing or updating for all services. Meaning that the features are there, but the user will have to take a more active role in managing them. Apart from that it also got a even more proactive role in managing memory in the device. 

Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 600 is a WP 7.5 T2 device with a 3.7 inches SLCD screen that got a optimized 800mhz single-core CPU, 256mb of ram, 8gb of nand flash and a 5mp camera. set to be release in Q2 of 2012.

The reason why this Nokia Device is a big deal, is because it will be the device that will start the true transition away from Symbian for Nokia. It is a device targeted for emerging markets that got a target price of just 189 euros at full price unlocked. Or that will be given away for free and that can be pushed with the cheapest plans or as a locked-to-network pay as you go. And that is a big deal. Because it will still be a high quality budget WP 7.5 device with access to 95% of apps and 90% of features And that also comes with all of Nokia Exclusive Apps for free. Just at a very low price. 

189 euros may be around the same price the ZTE Tania ends up going for too. But the Lumia 610 got a better design, more storage, better build and counts with Nokia's backing of free Nokia Apps and promotions. 189 euros while they would translate to $250 dollars. Usually the price is always lower in dollars. So it could do be aiming for an equivalent of $199 dollars.

I think it is an awesome low-end smartphone for the markets it is targeted for and that it is also no doubt leagues ahead of a Symbian or Android device of the same price. Because it will offer a superior experience.

For more details also check this Nokia Press Release:






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