20 March 2012

The Browser You Loved To Hate IE9 Campaign

Internet Explorer 9 - IE9 Logo

The Browser You Loved To Hate is a IE9 Image Makeover Campaign using self-deprecating humor and at the same time mocking those users that hate IE with an irrational passion. The campaign consist of a tumblelog using some hipster motifs and a set of videos. With the main video being the one embedded in this post.




The obvious motive behind this campaign is to create awareness about IE9 from those have not tried it out of past spites. Spites that usually go all the way back to IE6 or IE7 and since then they have not tried out IE9

It is an interest campaign and regardless of how effective it can be. It makes for good PR fodder and it is also funny.


The Browser You Loved To Hate





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