09 March 2012

Impressions From Apple's iPad 3 Keynote And Apple’s Slanted Statements And Facts


I finally watched the iPad 3 keynote video and after thinking about the wording that Apple used and what they did not said apart from what they said. these are my impressions about it.

iPad 3 now being just iPad

It is all about two principles

1.-Managing future perceptions and expectations about the iPad. Because there is really no way in hell that there will be huge spec jumps from one generation of iPad to the another. hops are now only to be expected. 

2.-Apple positioning and accepting in full they are all about the iPad and the iPhone. The next iPhone could very well be just The New iPhone too. This means treating the iDevices in the same way they previously treated the Mac lines, same that just 2 years ago were their main income and what they still were mostly about.

Apple pushing the whole "Post-PC" term forcibly hard

It struck me as odd just how hard they were boasting and rubbing it in to the world. But it didn't surprised me, because as Apple admitted in the keynote. They are no longer a Computer company. Something that their Company name reflected first than they actually admitting it out loud. They are now an iOS and iDevice company. But it is obvious they were not going to say it like that. 

"We are now an iDevice company" would had been too much of a miss for they being able to be total douches without regret. And even be applauded by being so by -- dare i say -- the iFaithful now. 

Also helpful to push the term and rubbing it in now and not after Windows 8 and what it will start bringing comes.

Apple bitch-slapping Android publicly

Surprising how Apple went on such attack of Android by calling it out directly and even doing show and tells about how much Apps on Android Slates suck. 

Apple starts distancing from google services and pushes to boost Google competitors

Like in OS X Mountain Lion, in iLife for iOS you share video to Vimeo and not YouTube, post messages to Twitter and Facebook. Google Maps are not all the maps being offered.

A5X having quad core graphics omitting reiterating it is still a double core CPU

Not an accident. Just forcing an association of quad-core with the A5X. Never mind that a Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU got a Dozen GPU cores for example. 

A5X offering four times better graphics than the Tegra 3

Note the wording. That is a perfect example of slanting. It gives you the notion that the A5X is 4 times more powerful than the Tegra 3. Something reinforced when you add charts that appears showing just that.

Even if that is not true at all. Anandtech got a check on the Tegra 3 versus the A5 and it didn't was twice as powerful or efficient or better than the Tegra 3 in anyway.

If you averaged out the finding from Anandtech, you would end with the A5 being 30% better than the Tegra 3. If you do the same with several reviews. you could possibly average out a 50% if you want to make the A5 look the best possible. 

That sure is not twice as good. And even without a proper benchmarking existing for the A5X vs Tegra 3. You can already calculate that if the A5X got 4 times the graphical power of the A5. That would mean the A5X is only really twice as powerful as the Tegra 3. But even if it managed to be even better than that. I don't see how it could get to be 4 times as powerful overall.

And that is when the evil douchey genius from Apple wording comes. Apple can easily say or not say anything because they know that they didn't actually lied. just that they made the media believe so. As Apple never said how exactly THEY considered A5X having 4 times better graphics. 

Nvidia correctly said that Apple only had a Generic Statement without offering proof. That is because that was the only thing they needed if it gets a blogosphere parroting it. 

Post Keynote tirades about the iPad 3 not being that impressive

Well, i was very impressed only because they managed to sustain the same price and battery life. I actually think this is the iPad that had me the most impressed and the only single case where Apple pushed lots of specs into it that cannot be found anywhere in an slate model. 

And that is where the point relies on why the iPad 3 is very impressive. This coming from someone that don't owns anything Apple and hopefully never will. Out of my own choice of course.

Tim Cook ending remarks about Apple having the golden touch and proclaiming that they are the way. While assuring that this year will follow with the same kind of innovation they showed in this iPad keynote

How odd was that? Have not seen many articles analyzing it that are not from the iFaithful. 

The way i heard and interpret it is that it was something Tim Cook wanted to do as a homage to jobs and as his way of saying that he will keep the course of what jobs did. It almost was an inauguration speech for the Post Steve Jobs Apple.

Maybe Tim Cook is subconsciously nervous about the long term future of Apple and how well he will transition the company into an iDevice Only company. 

iLife, iWork and iCloud

iOS software and services fully matured is my impression. They are now very well as good as their OS X counterparts, just meant to be used and approached with a different mindset. 

The new version of the software are the most impressive iOS software Apple has delivered yet. And it also helps explain why Microsoft would want to deliver Office to the iPad.

They are also the sign that Apple does want to start selling more software and services themselves for iOS to underline the experiences even more. And also because they know that the iPad 3 and more than likely the next iPhone will not have the same margins than before. Not if they plan to maintain them at the same price structure and not because we are only a months from Foxconn being forced to raise the costs for Apple. As China Workers start demanding more and organizing for they getting it. Or as component maker suppliers start raising the prices too. Or as international regulators, governments and so on start to be more vigilant of Apple. Etc. etc. Which brings me to the next point.

Apple super good profit margins are about to become just very good

The competition is heating. Costs are raising. Making it a real surprise to see that the iPad 3 stood at the same price structure. Making my first thought about it:

"No way in hell is going to give out the same profit margins for Apple. Are they at last been forced to lower them?"

Electronista seems to agree already

So more reason for Apple to make their iOS software more attractive and push it more. More reason to push iCloud (Brought to you partly by Microsoft and Amazon). and more reason to push out more content. 

And finally it is the main reason why when they introduced the iPhone 4S, they kept around the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS. And they are now doing the same with the iPad 2 by keeping it around. There is really no other better way to keep Android Slates and Smartphones at bay than that.

About the last part of Tim Cook ending remarks

Mostly trolling. Just Tim messing with the heads and hearts of the tech industry. Without Jobs, i doubt Apple will get to have another iPhone One or iPad One level of unveilings ahead. An iTV would certainly not have such a wow factor. but that is just me.





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