14 March 2012

Microsoft Wants A Minimum Of 8K Apps Listed At Windows 8 App Marketplace For Launch [Rumor]

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This is one Windows 8 rumor that started as a sole whisper a week ago and that now has gone into whispering. But since it totally makes sense, why not start the day that way.

So, just like Microsoft proposed themselves to launch with a minimum of listed apps in the Windows Phone 7 launch. And at the time i remember having heard months before they were going for at least 1k and at the end they launched with 1500+, it looks like they are raising the bar considerably for Windows 8. And they want a minimum of 8000 apps listed at launch. 

Some may consider this to be impossible or too much of a tall order. But not really considering this is Windows we are talking about. And simply because while only Metro UIX Apps will be hosted by Microsoft. Desktop apps can still get listed on the Windows 8 App Marketplace with the download hosted and managed by the developer.

With that in mind. I think it is a perfectly fine goal and they could easily yet again be surpassing it if they want to and go with lets say 10,0000 instead of just 8,000.

The pressure is not that much in the launch but in the first year as it would then be fully expected that they get to reach 100,000 list apps within the first year of availability.

Anyway, like always, have in mind it is a rumor and that is why i marked it as such. This post was also published first at my Google Plus Page





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