05 March 2012

A Nokia Lumia Even Cheaper Than the 610? Not Hard At All For Nokia

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Pocket-Lint got a post, where they report that Nokia is saying that a even cheaper Windows Phone Device than the just announced Lumia 610 is needed, in order to compete one to one with Android at all budget levels

To what i say: No problem for Nokia, really. 

If Nokia is saying that publicly is because they are already looking hard into it. With How? being the important question left. As they want to go rock bottom for a 100 Euros or 125-149 USD Windows Phone Device. I happen to have a pretty good idea on how based on what is already known about the Lumia 610 , some current Nokia knowledge and based  on the way Nokia has been executing the delivery of the Lumia line so far.

1.- 4gb nand flash instead of 8gb. 
2.- 3mp camera instead of 5mp camera
3.- 3.2 or 3.5 inches lcd screen. Instead of 3.7
4- Releasing in black only or one color only at first.
5.- Reusing yet another mobile chassis design they have got out with Symbian right now. As in regardless of what Nokia says, the only truly designed for Windows Phone chassis they have made, is the one for the Lumia 900. 

Other 2 things to make that happen is more about the production economics about such device.

One is waiting 4-5 months to release it to take advantage of the logistics and scaled economics from the 610.

Two is making it so it is the first 100% Produced In China Nokia WP Device.  Something that Nokia said they were indeed planning to do for the all budget devices.

= There you have your 100 euros / 125-149 USD Nokia Lumia 510.

Like i said, not that hard for Nokia. Making it very plausible that we get to see a Lumia 510 for early Q3 2012.

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