16 March 2012

Square, Meet Your Nemesis. PayPal Here

PayPal Here Dongle

On March 15 of 2012, PayPal officially announced PayPal Here as way to be able to easily receive PayPal payments by cards from a Smartphone.

Introducing PayPal Here: The Future of Commerce for Small Business

PayPal Here Demo

It took what? Two years or so? But here it is at last. A one-to-one answer to Jack Dorsey's Square. And it comes from the only company that can beat it. PayPal.

Up until now i have not had a horror PayPal experience. And i have been using it since well before it was supported here in Mexico. Meaning, since it was introduced. Completely changing the way to buy and pay stuff online for me and 100 million people that have got to use it.

With this entry of PayPal Here. I already have read lots of negative and spiteful remarks about it. Because there is this vocal group of users that have had bad PayPal experiences. Things like "The Software is not going to be as good as the one of Square", “Their dongle looks like crap” or "The experience will be crap compared to Square" and similar remarks in-between those. 

How wrong is to see it that way. That is a small picture way of seeing it. When the big picture is that PayPal can win over Square simply because they are able to do something that Square has proven it cannot or don't want to do right now. PayPal can take PayPal Here to be a Worldwide solution. As they have already said so and started to do so. PayPal Here will be launching in 4 countries right away. And from what someone working at PayPal told me. They plan to support 12 to 16 countries within the first 12 months. And that is the reason why PayPal Here can and probably will win over Square. I mean, two years plus and Square is not even available in Canada and Mexico? C'mon. What a joke.

Cannot wait for PayPal Here to be available in Mexico. I hope it is one of the countries to get it in the first year. I also think the name is pretty Clever, annoyingly clever perhaps. 

Finally, I also think this chart from their unveiling event speaks out better why the look of the PayPal Here dongle or the software is not as important in the scheme of things as features and availability. Certainly not when it comes to Money making or spending.

PayPal Here vs Square




Anonymous said...

Hello Appatic!
Do you know if Paypal Here is already in Mexico?

Avatar X said...


Not officially. But i read that it does work if you get the reader since Paypal got full support for Mexico. Have yet to try it myself.


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