17 August 2012

Surface RT Starting At $599 And Surface Pro Starting At $899 [RUMOR]

I have been holding on a collection of rumors on the Microsoft Surface Line for over a month now.  And it has been so long that I thought I would not be using them because others would out them first or because they were not solid enough. But days ago I saw the same rumors going around AGAIN. And after reading that horrible rumors from Europe a while ago and the last one being about Surface RT being out for $199. I thought that I should post this one.

And here is the deal. According to rumors that come out from people that do should have access to that kind of info. This is the pricing for the Microsoft Surface Line:

Surface RT for $599 or $699

Surface Pro for $899 or $999

Prices that at first look may seem expensive, but that got some good reasoning to them as in both cases it is said they do come with a keyboard cover. You choose which one you want. And they also are Microsoft Signature machines with extended guarantees as they are going to be sold first from Microsoft Stores. The physical ones, pop-up ones and the online ones.  Also remembering that the Surface RT version comes with Free Office included with it.  Also, there is the chance that the Surface RT will come with a Capacitive Stylus or that such a item will also be available for those that could want one.

Some people will still argue that they are expensive. But it think that given the hardware they come with, it is a good pricing. Not great. But good.  Also remembering that an iPad 32gb starts at $599 and do not comes with a cover/keyboard and iwork  last time I checked.

Rumor still being rumor, I do not know if that is the certain price. A lot can happen from when they conceptualized this strategy, probably back around when they first showed them, to when they get to debut. 



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