13 November 2012

Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Preview

IE10 W7 Preview

Or you could also call it IE10 W7 RC1 if you want to cut out the marketing speak.

IE10 for Windows 7 Preview is now out and it is a very very good update already. I was of the lucky ones to get it a few hours early and I must say am quite happy with it. And comparing it with the W8 Desktop IE10 proved to be hard as so far they feel pretty much identical. Which is a good thing, an impressive thing even since IE10 W8 is very smooth and very fast.

How fast it is IE10 W7 Preview? Just as fast as its IE10 W8 Desktop twin.  Which is faster as you can possibly get right now. That in turns means it is the fastest browser around. It feels faster than Chrome 23.

The same goes for just how smooth it feels. 

Beyond the smoothness and speediness of it. IE10 W7 Preview is almost identical to IE9 UI wise since there is no Metro Mode. What I did noticed is that the elements of the browser respond and react better for when touch is present.  Something that Microsoft really didn’t had to carry over. Which makes me think that IE10 W7 Preview is a straight port down from IE10 W8 Desktop Version. And they just thought better than try to remove stuff from it needlessly. And straight up, that is a good thing.

IE10 in W7 is just a faster,  smoother and probably an even stronger security wise IE9.  Making it a must have upgrade right out of the gate for everyone. And it also enables auto updating for you by default.  I have tried it out in two W7 machines and while in both the update took like 10  minutes from download, to install, to restart. The result is all worth it.


IE10 W7 Gateway Website

IE10 W7 Preview 32bits       <—Direct Downloads Page

IE10 W7 Preview 64bits      <—Direct Downloads Page




MacGyvr said...

The link at the end of the article is only for the 32 bit version. I would suggest linking to the main page so users can download the appropriate version for them.

Avatar X said...

@MaxGyvr Corrected and i added both download pages. Microsoft Download pages are a better fit long term. Thanks for the quick catch.


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