14 November 2012

Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10 (IEAK) Now Available

Internet Explorer 10 Preview

Just a mere day apart from the release of IE10 W7 Preview, Microsoft has now already released the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10. Otherwise known simply as IEAK 10.

The kind of thing that if you have to ask what it is, then it is not for you.  But if you still want to know, It is for the creation, deployment and management of customized Internet Explorer packages. Meaning what IT departments use for when they are going to trail or just push IE upgrades for all the computers in any given company.

The fact it is available already is a good sign and does proves that IE10 is pretty much ready to go in Windows 7 too. Even if marked as preview. After being using it myself in Windows 7 for the past 24hrs. I can say that the only bug/glitch I found had to do with some elements or actions in a web page that happen to be activated by hovering or hover and click. And I have already filed a bug report to Microsoft about it. As have some others.

If you are an IT Admin and you can do a trail run because you are lucky enough to being able to make that call on your own, then get  the IEAK 10 and get going. Why wait? Just do it, you know you want to.

All documentation, guidelines and download are also available.






Charley said...

I'm supposed to get it later this week from my dept heads. Thanks for letting me know about the small bug...doesn't seem like that big a deal. If that is it, I'm ready to go!

Avatar X said...


Yeah. when that happens compatibility view solves the problem. But yeah. After 5 days, it continues to be the one bug/glitch i have encountered so far.


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